Young Adolescent & High School Classes

Hawkswood’s Young Adolescent classrooms, designed for students age 12-14, offer students the opportunity to participate in building-based academic and pre-vocational learning to maximize potential for independent or supported living and work.

The academic curriculum in each classroom at Hawkswood School is developmentally appropriate and fully-aligned with New Jersey’s Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core. We design and implement classroom curricula to maximize the individual student’s language, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical potential in all aspects of daily life.

Students operate a school-based business that includes responsibilities such as finances, inventory, stocking and sales as part of their job-sampling program. We also provide instruction in activities of daily living, such as food preparation, laundry and housekeeping in an apartment on campus.

The High School classrooms, designed for students age 14-21, include community-based instruction and job sampling, allowing students to learn about work through exploration, assessment and training in various settings.

Job sampling is a partnership between the school community and the local business. Students are interviewed about their interests and school professionals provide input regarding a student’s abilities. The student must apply for a position, complete a job application, and/or participate in an interview. Job coaches are provided to support students, to help them learn specific job routines and reinforce effective work habits and attitudes.

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