Snoezelen Sensory Stimulation

Snoezelen Sensory Stimulation at Hawkswood School, Eatontown NJ

A Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory environment where students explore interactive stations that stimulate the primary senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell.

The environment is structured to provide a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus. Snoezelen Therapy allows students to learn from cause-effect activities at their own pace and at their own level.

The word Snoezelen comes from a combination of 2 Dutch words: snuffelen, which means to seek out/explore, and doezelen, which means to relax.

The positive benefits of Snoezelen Therapy include:

  • reducing unwanted behaviors;
  • building trust/rapport;
  • improving task concentration;
  • enhancing social interaction/communication skills;
  • promoting relaxation; and,
  • reducing stereotypic self-stimulatory behaviors.

Snoezelen Sensory Stimulation at Hawkswood School, Eatontown, NJOur Snoezelen Room includes the following:

Light spray – Fiber optic strands change color to provide visual, as well as, tactile and deep pressure input

Infinity & Beyond panel – Students interact with 49 different visually stimulating patterns by pressing buttons that change the color and design. Students can also add music/sounds.

Laser Stars projector – Projects calming star patterns around the room. Subtle movement of the stars adds visual interest.

Solar 100 projector – Provides abstract or themed visual stimulation anywhere in the room (floor, wall, ceiling) to promote increased visual attention, motor movement and communication.

Bubble tube – Students change the colors or stop/start the bubbles by pressing buttons on a controller. Provides interactive visual stimulation, especially with the addition of fish!

Massage mat – Offers a variety of vibratory sensations to calm or alert students. Input can also help decrease or increase muscle tone.

Abstract Tactile panel – Invites students to explore the different materials/ fabrics to satisfy visual and tactile curiosities.

Sound to Light panel – Translates sound to light. Great for working on voice volume, awareness of vocalizations, rhythm of movement and communication skills.

Aroma Fan panel – Stimulates olfactory (smell) sense by encouraging students to touch the panel to activate a variety of smells. The internal fan also creates a “wind” sensation.

Bubble Mirror – Students enjoy viewing distorted reflections that change with movement.

WiFi controller – Wirelessly controls the Infinity and Beyond, Sound to Light and Aroma Fan Panels from anywhere in the room. Allows students access to the panels without changing their location or position. Different modes enable students to change the colors, count, etc.

Our Snoezelen Room was made possible through the generous support of the Hawkswood PTO.

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