Innovative Technology

female student working with educational technology - private special education school Hawkswood School in Eatontown NJ

Student with disabilities using Assistive Technology at Hawkswood SchoolHawkswood School integrates cutting-edge assistive technology in the classroom to facilitate communication, learning and mobility. The use of such technology is part and parcel of our evidence-based educational framework, and is fully-integrated in our data collection, measurement of academic, communication, social and behavioral progress, and individualized goal setting for each of our students.

Our team of educators, therapists and technology specialists customize technology supports based on the needs of each student. We offer touch-sensitive SMART Boards and appropriate educational software in each class. We ensure that every member of our teaching teams is well-trained and can use technology responsively and effectively to enhance their students’ learning.

Many of our students use individualized augmentative and alternative communication devices, wheel chairs and specialized seating. Rehabilitation Technologists on staff monitor and adjust devices and durable medical equipment on a regular basis to ensure proper fit, operation, and to maximize the technology’s role in educational progress.

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