Clinics at Hawkswood School

Clinics are one of the many examples of the collaborative team approach we bring to individualized special education.

Feeding Clinic

Hawkswood School’s Feeding Clinic is an opportunity for therapists and educators to collaborate in order to assist students with dysphagia (difficulty or discomfort in swallowing) as well as those with behavioral feeding challenges.  An individualized program is developed and implemented for each student, which may include a referral to other professionals to obtain further medical testing, if necessary. Follow-up sessions are conducted as needed to discuss the student’s success, and to make any adjustments to his/her program.

Orthotics Clinic

During our Orthotics Clinic, an allied health professional specifically trained to make and fit orthoses and prostheses comes to Hawkswood School to cast, fit, modify, and monitor the orthotic needs of our students.  This may include hand/wrist splints, elbow splints, body jackets, ankle/foot orthotics, and knee braces.  The orthotist works closely with each student’s occupational or physical therapist to ensure proper fit and maximal benefit of the orthotic intervention.

Physiatry Clinic

Physiatry is the branch of medicine that aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments and disability.  As part of our Physiatry Clinic, a well-respected physiatrist from Children’s Specialized Hospital visits Hawkswood School monthly.  Students are  referred to the Physiatry Clinic by staff or at the request of a parent. Interventions may include, but are not limited to, durable medical equipment, orthotics, medication, and tests.

Equipment Clinic

Certified Assistive Technology providers from reputable companies come to Hawkswood School to meet with students, school district staff, family members, and therapists in order to help them select appropriate equipment for use at school or home.  Equipment may include wheelchairs, strollers, bath chairs, walkers, and more. The Equipment Clinic allows students, caregivers, therapists, and families to see and experience equipment that will be used across many environments.

Assistive Technology Clinic

Hawkswood School’s Assistive Technology (AT) Clinic is an opportunity for educators and therapists to collaborate with technology specialists to work with students who are utilizing low- and high-technology devices, communication boards, voice-output switches, iPads, computer software and other assistive technology. The Assistive Augmentative Communication (AAC) specialists interact with the student and the team to problem solve potential challenges with a communication system (e.g., access, vocabulary, lack of use). Various items including low- and high-technology systems as well as software are available to be trialed with the student if appropriate.  If necessary, a full augmentative evaluation is conducted by the AAC specialists in cooperation with the student’s school district.  After the clinic session, the team creates a plan of action that is formally written in an AT clinic report and follow-up sessions are conducted to monitor progress and ensure successful outcomes.

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