Classrooms for Students with Multiple Disabilities

female student with multiple disabilities learning science at Hawkswood School, Eatontown NJ - private special education school

Hawkswood School serves students aged 3 and older with global developmental delays and multiple disabilities. All Hawkswood School students with multiple disabilities participate in an integrated curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning.

Individualized learning activities are designed to enhance academic, communication, social and self-help skills in a staff ratio as low as 3:1. Common core areas including language arts and mathematics in addition to literacy, science, social studies and health are taught within the classroom using a multisensory teaching approach.

The application of an intensive collaborative teaching model focuses the expertise of various related service professionals in the classroom, allowing students to develop and use new skills during functional activities in the classroom, under the guidance of their speech therapist, occupational therapist or physical therapist.

All students receive instruction in art, music and physical education from specialists.

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