Preschool Program

Female preschool student at Hawkswood School - private special education school - Eatontown NJ

Hawkswood School offers unique options for preschool students with disabilities. Our Preschool Program provides a rich student to staff ratio and emphasize communication skills, learning readiness, and social and behavioral growth.

All preschoolers participate in physical education, music and art programming.

Our parent education programs introduce parents to the principles of learning theory.

Preschoolers with an autism spectrum disorder (autism, pervasive developmental disorder, Rhetts syndrome) participate in language-based activities in a naturalistic setting. We use a collaborative teaching model that incorporates therapists into the classroom setting, allowing for both acquisition and generalization of all skills learned.

We provide a 2:1 student teacher ratio. All of our students participate in adaptive physical education, art, and music.

Teachers develop instructional activities around each student’s unique preferences, interests, and items, so learning is leveraged.

Our beliefs about student behavior focus on a child’s strengths and natural desire for social connection.

Preschoolers with multiple disabilities learn through a collaborative, interdisciplinary model of teaching in which the classroom teacher, occupational therapist, speech-language specialist and physical therapist work together to help each child master his/her individual goals. Children receive related services (OT/PT/Speech) in the classroom in order to help them use the skills where they are needed, as well as in therapy settings to introduce new skills and to assess current levels.

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