Art and Music Collaborative Class

The Hawkswood School Art and Music Collaborative class — taught by Monique Pica; Casey Burd; and Stephen Hunt, MA CCC-SLP — creates cross-curricular learning opportunities for the students in the arts and music, using a wide variety of technologies and media.

The projects they undertake provide all students with the chance to participate using their unique abilities, and together the students and teachers take their projects from conceptual development and planning through the technical “making” of the final production.

Academic Core Curricular content in the arts and technology are also explored as the projects take shape and proceed.

The benefits of this approach are many. The students are highly motivated by the work and progress of their projects, their learning objectives can be embedded in project activities, their participation bolsters self-esteem, and they learn to encourage and help motivate their peers. Assistive technologies are used as necessary to enhance students’ ability to participate, and the students are working hard while having fun!

Check out the new batch of videos the class has produced below.



Hawkswood Safety Bootcamp: A Hawkswood Public Service Announcement

The class is busy with new projects. Stay tuned for more!

Or click here to see some of the earlier video’s the class made.

Sharing Our Work

The teaching staff is anxious to share their experience and results, and has presented to rave reviews on the class organization and processes at the NJECC conference at Montclair State University, ASAH’s Annual Conference in Atlantic City, the “Closing the Gap” Conference in Bloomington, Minnesota (2014 and 2015), and the 2015 NJEDge Conference at City University in Jersey City.

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