Hawkswood School Welcomes “Future Teachers of America”

Local High School Students Learn about Career Opportunities Working with Students with Disabilities

High School students observing autism classroomHawkswood School recently hosted more than a dozen high school students who spent the day learning about career options in special education.

The teens, all seniors from Middletown South High School, are part of “Future Teachers of America,” a national program that introduces top-performing high school students to a career in teaching.

We are thrilled to welcome these future teachers to Hawkswood School to learn more about special education for students with multiple disabilities, and to watch our experienced educators and therapists in the classroom
– Vincent Renda,
Executive Director, Hawkswood School

Middletown South High School students observing a classroom for stydents with disabilities at Hawkswood School in Eatontwon NJBecause Hawkswood School serves students with a wide range of complex, low incidence disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Rhett syndrome and other medical conditions, it offers a perspective into teaching that other schools cannot provide.

Students met with school administrators, related services professionals, and teachers, and observed classroom instruction.

Middletown South High School students observing classroom for students with disabilities at hawkswood School in Eatontown NJRae Koumoulis, a teacher in the Business Department at Middletown South who arranged for the visit, described the group of high school seniors as having “exemplary interpersonal skills and solid academic credentials.” She said she selected Hawkswood because she wanted them to see all of the teaching options that may be available to them, including options in state-approved private schools for students with disabilities.

Hawkswood School uses innovative programs and has a collegial culture of sharing best practices. Whether they go on to become teachers, or specialized therapists, I hope some of my students end up working here one day.
-Rae Koumoulis,
Teacher, Middletown South High School


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